DJI Phantom 2 3 4 Wall Holder – Wall Hanger
Your Phantom will be your decoration!
Yes, you can now hang your Phantom proudly on the wall and do not worry about the possibility of precipitating from the table and others.
Ease to use.
Just hang the Phantom and the transmitter like clothes on a coat hanger.
Matched size
Perfectly sized for safe and easy hanging Phantom by the leg, the transmitter for the headband and all hangs perfectly.
– 2mm sheet steel –
– powder painting –
– 8mm expansion bolts –
Designed for you.
We fly, we use it ourselves, and this hangerwas made from the need to maintain order in our.

Amazing in its simplicity. Now our office is organized and surprising.


~ Wojciech


Elegantly made, durable. Great also as a coat rack.


~ FlyAway


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